Kids Portraits

Kids grow up so fast. Capturing them at this age is vital to remembering how they looked and sharing the images with them as they continue to grow up, learn new things and become their own person. I enjoy capturing your kids on camera in natural settings around the Wichita area. Surrounded by sun light and elements of nature, the individual charisma of each of your kids will unfold before the camera, giving you the perfect photo to remember them by as they grow up.

Kids photography sessions are customized to fit your needs. Whether you have an only child, two kids or five kids, I’ll come up with great scenery to capture them in. The style of photography I enjoy shooting of your kids is playful, fun and energetic, just as photos of children should be.

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Call me today at 316-617-4637 or contact me online to schedule your session. Whether you have some ideas already or just know you want to capture your children at this great time in their lives, we can work together to plan the best session for their photos.

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